Creating a PBN Google Will Never Ban

It might sound radical and too promising, but creating a strong PBN network that Google will love is possible. Yes, there were many cases where the huge networks were discovered, lots of businesses struggled after that, but it’s possible to avoid de-indexation and adapt to any change. You will only need two things for this: your desire and effort.

So, the first question you have to answer for yourself is: What makes a good PBN? One would say, you have to buy a high DA PBN domain, then get good hosting and then just be careful. Indeed, that works. But let’s take a closer look.

When you’re trying to find the right domain name, you have to make sure it’s old enough. If a domain name is rather fresh, it would be smarter and cheaper to get a new one. You would also have to look at its history. Even if your domain name seems “clean” and legit now, you never know. If a trashy site or site promoting 18+ content rented that domain before, its reputation is flawed and you’re getting a bad item.

Link history is also quite important, ideally, when you’re buying expired domain you look for a clean profile. Linking to authority sites is okay, though.

The next big thing to consider is your PBN hosting. SEO hosting is definitely a bad idea, especially after so many of those were penalized. VPS is quite hard for a new user to understand, though it could be a very good option. Your choice could be shared hosting, which is really cheap and simple. It’s also fairly safe, but you’d have to make sure you’re going with a reliable company. It’s a big mistake for people to invest plenty of time into building a network and then screw it all with a bad hosting provider.

The next step is choosing the right CMS for your network. As some people suggest, you should be building sites on different systems. If you have time, you definitely could. That would be a good way to avoid any possible footprints. However, it takes time to actually get to know a system, so it’s not an option for many. You could be using one system (like WordPress) and running on it.

You should also diversify your content and your sites. For example, you have to create a different logo, use different accent colors and run different themes. Your goal is to make each site to look like it was created by a different person. It would be a good idea to add a Contacts page, for example.

A major mistake people make it interlinking between their sites. This is a major no. That will easily give away your whole network is Google does a manual check. However, you also shouldn’t be linking to your money site only. Actually, sites that link to the same sites are really suspicious. It’s worth mentioning that you should create unique pieces of content too. Your topics shouldn’t be the same and you have to be diverse.

If you’re still thinking about how to set up a PBN that will last long and whether it’s possible, don’t worry: it is. But you will have to work a lot on your sites and actually spend a lot of time for it to work.

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