6 Questions Business Owner Should Ask Before Hiring SEO Company

When you’re just launching a business, you have high hopes and you’re determined to do everything to make it work. “Everything” should also include digital marketing and that’s where you might need some expert’s help. It might be intimidating or plainly scary to choose between marketing agencies Cardiff offers, so you have to do some research before you can make the right choice.

If you are unsure how to choose the best Cardiff SEO company, don’t panic. All you have to do is to ask the rig ht questions.

  1. How will you help us improve our rankings?
    This is the most important question. Here you might hear two kinds of answers. A bad SEO company will try to “run away” from a question or they will tell you it’s their “secret practice that works in 100% of cases”. You have to remember that every company should have a strategy and they have to tell a client what it is. It shouldn’t be a detailed guide, but they will tell you a plan.
  2. Can you show me the examples of your work?
    If you can’t find a portfolio, or you want more detailed information, you can ask an https://www.gifford.uk.com to share some examples with you. It is also really important to ask them if they have any old clients, if you see that a company only works with a site for a month or two, or if they can’t show you any examples of long-term progress, you have all the rights to start worrying. There are many shady companies that use sketchy techniques and they don’t work for long.
  3. Can you guarantee me the first page?
    That is another must-ask question. If you know a thing or two about SEO, you should know that Google algorithms are kept in secret and no digital marketing Cardiff knows for sure how those work. It’s also unclear how and why do sites get penalized by Google, so no one, even the best company in the whole world can guarantee you anything. If that’s what a company claims, most likely, they are trying to sell themselves to you.
  4. Will you arrange any changes on my site with me?
    Okay, so for a company to do anything to improve your ranks, they need an access to your site. Then, they will make some changes, maybe work on your titles and keywords, delete some plugins, etc. All of that should be arranged with you first. Also, you have all the rights to demand an agency to keep track of all the changes.
  5. Will you keep me tuned into the process?
    That is important for a client, so even an aspiring online marketing freelancer (not to mention a big company) will keep a client notified of everything. Most likely they will give you a tool to track your project’s progress or will email you their reports.
  6. Why should I choose your company?

It’s an important question almost no one really asks. If a company replies with anything like “we provide low prices” or “we guarantee you fast results” – turn away and run. It’s clear that good and white hat SEO do not come cheap or fast, actually, SEO is a long process to implement and it will take at least a few months till you see some result.

If you know which questions to ask, you know how to differentiate between a good and a shady company. Remember that if someone “grants” you the 1st page, quick results or extremely cheap prices, you might be facing a shady company.

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