How SEO Can Help Your Business Grow In Wales

Even in this day and age there are some Cardiff business owners who remained unconvinced as to what SEO can do for them.

The whole topic seems a little scary and they would prefer to stay away from it.

We can understand that it seems like a huge mountain to climb, especially for the smaller or fledgling business. But this is when we would recommend the help of a professional digital agency specialised in SEO services Cardiff and Wales.

There can be a tendency for some business owners and bosses, who are perhaps not formally trained in marketing and who aren’t incredibly technical, to shy away from the arena of SEO and see it as almost a black art, not to be messed with.

Instead, they will say that they “don’t need” SEO because they are “only” a local business. They state that they are pouring all their resources into local advertising, perhaps via traditional print methods, mail shots and the like.

Whilst we wouldn’t stop anyone from reinforcing their SEO driven marketing campaign with the additional help from more traditional sources, we think that anyone who cuts their business off from SEO is really missing out, big time.

In fact, we say it would be like not being listed in the Yellow Pages. (Or at least, akin to not being listed in the phone book twenty years ago).

How on earth do you expect your customers to find you – even in a local based economy – if you do not make them aware of your existence?

Simply having a website is no longer enough, for even the smallest of businesses now. It needs to be found by the search engines, or simply, no one will see it.

Now perhaps you might begin to recognise some of the reasons as to why SEO is necessary for your business.

After all, it is estimated at the moment, that 80-90% of all internet searches begin with a search engine. This means that in nearly all cases, people are not directly typing a web address into the browser, they are going through engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

But Google is still the main search engine, commanding a 91% share of the market. This makes it something that your business cannot afford to ignore.

And as for the argument, regularly put, that a local business does not need, for some mysterious reason, SEO. Well, it is even more crucial for the local business to be found easily on the high street.

This is especially true for searches that are carried out via a mobile phone or device. In fact, half of all searches carried out this way will result in a personal visit to a local shop or business, within twenty four hours of the search being performed.

Your local customer is actively roaming the high street, searching for your business to spend money with.

So what, you might be thinking, surely they will see our website?

Well, they might not do if it does not show up in the first page of the Google search results.

If you were thinking that simply having a website was enough, then we have some bad news. It isn’t.

Hardly anyone (under 8%) even bothers looking at the second page of a Google search. And if your business is not in the first half of the first page, you are probably going to be overlooked.

To really be sure of reaching your customers – and this means your mobile customers, who are just quickly checking their phones whilst they are out and about – you need to be finishing in the top three of the Google search results.

Only when you can do this, can you be sure that your local customer base can actually find your business.

And finding your business is the first step on the road to making a sale – even if your website does not sell anything physically – it needs to be visible and it needs to be mobile friendly, in order to reel your shopper into your real life store.

If this sounds a bit tricky to achieve by yourself, you are not alone and your next task is to find a reliable SEO agency in Cardiff with whom to entrust the job to.

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